The Press Prints Again

At the Ronald Williams Library

through September 30, 2011


Letter Press Exhibit

Letterpress Showcase

Letterpress is a dynamic thing – a delicate workhorse. One of the oldest types of commercial printing, letterpress is relief print made by rolling ink onto moveable wooden or metal type, and more recently, photopolymer plates, loaded into a letterpress machine. Northeastern’s own letterpress, a Vandercook SP-15, was just restored to printing condition this last February. After years of disuse, the machine was cleaned of rust and carefully oiled until it was able to print the image that you see just to your left using metal type. (“Feb. 27 2011 The Press Prints Again”)

To celebrate this revival and to inspire new printers, we asked letterpress printers around the country to submit some of their favorite work. We have included prints to show the great variety that letterpress printing is capable of: both commercial and fine art works, across a variety of image, technique and media. We have work from famed studios, such as Hatch Show Print and the Hamilton Wood Type Museum, as well as printers from Chicago’s thriving letterpress scene and beyond. We hope to continue to build and grow our letterpress program here at Northeastern.

~ Emily Tamblyn and Vida Sacic
curators and organizers

Library Quilter’s Show

Through August 5, 2011

People Quilt

Through December 10, 2010

Individuals and groups were asked to contribute squares depicting something they like doing.  They could make it in any way they chose using any media and materials they like.  Their name was to be included somewhere on the 6 by 9 inches block.  Then, they provided a statement describing their piece.

Project Coordinator:

Alice Murata