Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

wikipediaeditathonThe Ronald Williams Library at NEIU is hosting its annual Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on Thursday, October 23rd, from 1 pm to 5 pm, in the library’s cafe seating on the 1st floor.

This year’s topic is the Chicago Fire of 1874 — a fire that decimated neighborhoods on the city’s south side, which were largely populated by minorities and recent immigrants. We will be collaboratively writing a brand new Wikipedia article to help increase awareness about the historic event, as well as to learn more about how information is created and shared online.

Participants will have a wide selection of materials to use as sources for the article, ranging from published books on the city’s history to contemporary newspaper accounts of the fire (and the people affected) to archival documents.

Come learn a little more about Chicago’s history, and help ensure that one of its forgotten stories will be better known in the future.

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