New exhibit highlights seminal texts in evolutionary biology

The exhibit “Seminal texts in the history and development of evolutionary theory and the biological sciences” will be on display on the first floor of the Library throughout the month of February.

Here is the full write-up:

These works highlight the discursive spirit of the scientific method, and show how the testing, transmission, and sharing of ideas and theory from multiple disciplines can affect great change in scientific paradigms.  Moreover, this collection of texts shows how work ostensibly distinct from evolutionary biology can both affect and be influenced by biology.  This multi-disciplinary influence underlines a main theme in the challenges to and shifts between scientific theory and scientific paradigms represented here in evolutionary biology.

While Charles Darwin is typically in the foreground of this field—and an early Darwin biography is included in this exhibit—these works provide a view of evolutionary biology as the field and its theories emerged in their modern variations and mark Darwin’s contributions as key to the shifting paradigm that informs much more than the development of organisms.  Importantly, some of these works seek to transmit evolutionary biological theory to popular audiences and demonstrate applications of non-biological theory to biology.

bioThese items are courtesy of Noble International University ( and Noble Institution for Environmental Peace (


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